Coastal Cleanup 19.0 with A Better Ocean Team (2020 February 23) Modara Beach successfully completed

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Sri Lanka is a country which has 1340Km of beautiful beaches around the country. These beaches provide homes to millions of birds and other animals. Also, these lovely beaches attract millions of tourists every year to see and feel the beauty.

But due to human activities, most of the Srilankan beaches are polluted with polythene, plastic and many other garbage sources that are non-biodegradable.

Green Map Sri Lanka and I Am Carbon Negative are volunteer-driven nature lovers organizations under Big Hearts Foundation whose primary activity to protect nature and educate the nation about protecting nature through carbon negative living and fair usage of natural resources.

Both Green Map Sri Lanka and I Am Carbon Negative collaborate with A Better Ocean Team Denmark to organize this “Coastal Cleanup 19.0” event, which is the first event of the long term coastal cleanup event series to clean the Sri Lankan beaches from dumped garbage by the fellow nation.

The event is happened on 23rd February 2020 7.00 a.m to 10.00 a.m at Modara beach with the help of 15 volunteers. Our team was able to clean 200+ kg of garbage from this cleanup.

Up to now, we were able to clean 19,700+ kg garbage from Sri Lankan beaches by 19 coastal cleanup projects.

We experienced that we need more manpower to clean up this coastal area which no one going to clean forever.

Hope you will join us with our future projects.

Thank You!
Green Map Sri Lanka Team

Some of the selected photos of the project as below.

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