Conserve Sri Padha Garbage Clean Up 5.0 (2018 December) Successfully Completed

Conserve Sri Padha Garbage Clean Up – සමනල අඩවිය සුරකිමු කසල සුද්ද කිරීම 5.0 ” was a project done with the collaboration of different government organizations, citizen groups, and nature loving individuals to clean the dumped garbage at the world famous Sri Pada pilgrimage site. This area is a biodiversity hotspot of Sri Lanka being a part of the Peak wilderness sanctuary which is a tropical rain forest that spreads over a land of 224 square kilometers. This is Sri Lanka’s 3rd largest sanctuary as well. It is also the birthplace of Kelani, Kalu, Walave rivers and many tributaries of the river Mahaweli.

Several dozens of volunteers and organizations joined with this peaceful, environmentally responsible cause to protect this biodiversity hotspot for our future generations. Those organizations are namely;

Green Map Sri Lanka & I Am Carbon Negative Teams are under Big Heart Foundation which focuses on Protecting Natural Resources & Wild Life in Sri Lanka. Who practically show how to reduce, reuse and recycle plastics and polythene for garbage free, environmentally safe Sri Lanka which is a mandatory part of sustainable development and consumption.

We conducted the garbage cleanup event on 15th December 2018. 30 volunteers started their journey to Nallathanni from Colombo and 10 more volunteers directly came to Nallathanniya. Our main objective was to collect garbage with 40 volunteers and get down those garbage bags to collect them in the given collection point.

We were successful and we were able to get more and more support from the pilgrimages to get down garbage as much as possible. All the volunteers were able to bring down 700+Kg of garbage from the Sripada mountain with the help of many more pilgrimages and still several hundred tons of garbage still need to clean from the mountain. After this project “Conserve Sripada Garbage Cleanup 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0” projects were able to clean nearly 3000Kg+ of garbage from sripada mountain

Conserve Sripada Garbage Cleanup” Project by Green Map Sri Lanka, I Am Carbon Negative and Big Hearts Foundation.

our previous project information you can see through below web site URL.

2017 සමනල අඩවිය සුරකිමු කසල සුද්ද කිරීම 1.0 සාර්ථකව අවසන් කිරීමට උදව්කල ඔබ සැමට ස්තූතියි

Conserve Sri Padha Garbage Clean Up 2.0 (2017 November) Successfully Completed

Conserve Sri Padha Garbage Clean Up 3.0 (2018 March) Successfully Completed

Conserve Sri Padha Garbage Clean Up 4.0 (2018 June) Successfully Completed

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