Conserve Sri Padha Garbage Clean Up Project 2017 – Postponed

Event postponed due to bad weather


But, received donations utilized to re-donate for the flood victims


“Conserve Sri Padha Garbage Clean Up – සමනල අඩවිය සුරකිමු කසල සුද්ද කිරීම” is a collaboration of different government organizations, citizen groups and nature loving individuals to clean the dumped garbage at the world famous Sri Padha pilgrimage site which conducts annually. This area is a biodiversity hotspot of Sri Lanka being a part of the Peak wilderness sanctuary which is a tropical rain forest that spreads over a land of 224 square kilometers. This is Sri Lanka’s 3rd largest sanctuary as well. It is also the birthplace of Kelani, Kalu, Walave rivers and many tributaries of the river Mahaweli.

But due to heavy rains caused a flash flood and landslides in the Sripada mountain range. Nallathanni Police informed event organizers to postpone the event for few more weeks. Therefore organizing committee decided to postpone the event and we will let you know the exact date that we can resume the project in near future once the climate gets back to normal.

This year event was planned to proceed on 27th and 28th May 2017 and 15 volunteers were ready for taking the challenge. Also we received 37,000.00 Rupees worth of donations from individuals and 5000.00 worth of water bottles from Electric Vehicles Club Sri Laka.

Currently, our country is suffering from massive flood, therefore organizing committee decided to donate 5000.00 rupees worth of all the collected water bottles for the Sripada project along with 10,000.00 rupees worth of biscuits, 5L water bottles, medicine to our partnering volunteer organization IMCD to distribute them to flood victims along with the guidance from Disaster Management Center.

Also, Green Map Sri Lanka planning to conduct beach cleaning program on end of June and we will update the date and the location of the beach clean up project soon.


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