Enable Differently Abled 2.0 (October 2018)

Enable Differently Abled 2.0

Enable Differently Abled is a project run By “Big Hearts Team” supporting our fellow citizens who need physical and emotional support for their day to day work.

Through this project, we are planning to support different set of physically and mentally handicapped communities through providing visual aids, hearing aids, physical aids and technical aids to carry on their daily work easier. Our team is willing to carry on the project to support other communities in coming years.

In the year 2017, we started this project and our team was able to donate 200 white canes to “Sri Lanka Blind Graduates Society” on the date of 15th of October 2017 which is the world visually impaired day.

In the year 2018 our “Enable Differently Abled” team planning to donate 500 white canes to several sets of blind communities on the date of 15th of October 2018 which is the world visually impaired day.

Please deposit your valuable donations to following bank account and send us the photo of the deposit slip. Please mention the reason for donation as “White Cane Donation” Project.

A.R.W.M.M.D.Rohana Kumara
HNB Nawala
147 02 01 06 276

Thank You!
Enable Differently Abled Team

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