National Garbage Clean Up Day – ජාතික කසල පිරිසිදු කිරීමේ දිනය 2019 Successfully Completed

Yes we cleaned 140 Ton’s on 4th February 2019 “National Garbage Clean Up Day – ජාතික කසල පිරිසිදු කිරීමේ දිනය” – 650+ Cleanups all around Sri Lanka with 18,000+ volunteers

Happy to say that 38% of the collected garbage sent to #recycling which is nearly 54 Ton’s of #PET Bottles, #Glass#Plastic#Metal#Cardboard and #Paper

Our aim is to educate our future generation about waste management and 4R’s (Refuse/Reduce/Reuse/Recycle) and let them involve with more cleanups to make this country into more cleaner in future.

Green Map Sri Lanka
Green Spine Reforestation Program
සුරකිමු දුම්රිය
Big Hearts Foundation

Please visit the following link to see all the images of the project.

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#GarbageCleanupLK #GFL #GarbageFreeLanka

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